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You may also like. You need to download our DesktopHut software which gives users the ability to integrate our collected video loops as your personal computer desktop wallpaper. If you have already done this - just download video wallpaper.


If you still do not have our app, click HERE or go to our home page in order to download the necessary program. The video merged a Japanese pop song sung by Hatsune Miku with an animated cartoon cat with a Pop-Tart for a body, flying through space, and leaving a rainbow trail behind it. Android developer Existential Fashion Disaster not only has an excellent name, but also an excellent taste in memes, as their Pop Tart Cat Live Wallpaper app clearly shows.

This app delivers exactly what you would expect: Just finished a phone call? Nyan cat is there.

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Tapped the Home button after reading your Twitter feed? Well, I ask, what can you say to that? Basically, you rub the screen, the cat goes wild, and the meter starts filling up. Once the meter is full, let go of the screen, and the cat will strike a random usually weird pose.

Novelty MacBook Pro Touch Bar Apps - RANKED - Gestalt IT

Too bad. A nice application for very young kids, maybe. From the most rudimentary of belly-rubbing games, we now shift into state-of-the-art 3D, sophisticated sound effects, and a realistic physics engine.

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In SpaceCat , you get to launch your feline friend across the screen in something that looks like a retro moon lander. Tap the screen to fire the jets, and tilt your device to steer.

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You need to avoid walls and laser screens, hunt mice floating in air, and bring the cat to a gentle landing at the end of each level. Quite a fun game, really.

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  7. This colander, for example, costs pills. You can get 10, pills for 5 Euros. Whether or not you want to invest in pills is up to you, really. You fly around the screen emitting a rainbow tail, eat stars, and try to avoid rocks, clouds, and other baddies. You can pick one of three control schemes:. The first lets you drag Nyan Cat around directly, the second offers a pair of d-pads, and the third lets you control Nyan Cat by tilting your device. Note the awesome Facebook banner — Looking for Ship Cat?

    Indeed I am, but I think I already found Mr.

    Nyan Cat + Live Wallpaper for Android smartphones

    Ship Cat right here.