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Kontakt 2 introduces a new rack object called a Bank. Banks work just like preset banks in synthesizers, and their primary purpose is to allow different instruments to be called up instantly using MIDI Program Change messages. Beyond that, Banks, with their onscreen menu for selecting individual instruments, are handy for organizing instrument sets. Furthermore, any instrument in the Bank can be opened for editing. The only downside to opening a Bank is that all samples used in all instruments in the Bank will be loaded into memory, which is necessary for smooth instrument switching.

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For direct-from-disk DFD instruments, the memory hit is not that large. In addition to instruments and Banks, Kontakt's rack sports several new modules see Fig.

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A Master Tempo panel allows for global tempo, metronome, and tuning settings. A Multi Header panel gives quick access to the rack's four pages and has buttons for collapsing, expanding, and displaying auxiliary sends for all modules. A user-configurable output mixer provides multichannel mixing including full surround support and send-effects management.

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Finally, an interactive onscreen keyboard displays the note range and the currently held notes for the selected instrument. You can trigger notes by clicking on the keyboard with the mouse. Instrument editing is now a rack mode — clicking on an instrument's Wrench icon opens the editor for that instrument and simultaneously hides the Multi Header panel and all other instruments. Although instrument editing still involves a good bit of unavoidable scrolling, you won't accidentally grab and adjust a control for the wrong instrument.

There's no getting around the fact that Kontakt's instrument architecture is complex, and that is reflected in the Instrument editor see Fig. The action starts with the Source section, which does everything you ever wanted to do with samples, and then some.



Kontakt''s Instrument editor contains sections from top for editing the sound source, inserting effects, and managing modulation settings and routings. Sections expand as necessary for further editing. The Source section's Mapping editor, for mapping samples across MIDI key and Velocity ranges, can now be torn off and resized standalone version only , and it has a new List view as well as Kontakt's original Zone view. List view is particularly welcome for editing maps whose zones overlap.

Samples are loaded by dragging them to the Zone view either individually or in batches. When dragging, horizontal motion positions the sample s , and vertical motion controls the zone width or, equivalently, the MIDI note range. In a nice touch, dragging multiple samples to the keyboard at the bottom of the Zone view divides the samples across equal-size Velocity zones at the targeted key.

Samples can be assigned to Groups, and most Kontakt settings can be made for individual samples or all samples in a Group.

KONTAKT 2 2.0.1 Download

In addition, each Group has eight insert-effect slots, and a utility insert effect called Send Levels allows Groups to have independent sends as well. Each sample in an instrument can be assigned one of six sample-playback methods: The tear-off Loop editor serves two purposes: As many as eight loops can be defined simultaneously. Tone Machine is a granular resynthesizer that replaces the pitch content of the source audio. You can use its formant shifting to tweak or mangle vocals and other sounds.

The two Time Machines are optimized for independent pitch shifting and time stretching. Kontakt's Loop editor, which can now be torn off just like the Mapping editor, has always been one of its strong points see Fig 3. It allows you to define as many as eight loops — each with its own number of repetitions see Web Clip 1. In Beat Machine mode, the Loop editor is used to place slice markers at individual events within an audio file, which it does using threshold sensing.

Threshold sensing is most successful with rhythmic loops that have clearly defined events, but you can add and delete slice points at will, so any audio file can be sliced to your specifications.

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Beat Machine sequences the slices created in the Loop editor; you can vary the speed at which they are sequenced either as a percentage of the original speed or in note increments at the master tempo or host tempo in the case of the plug-in. The rhythm of the slices that is, their relative spacing is preserved in either case.

Kontakt can automatically map individual slices to individual keys in the sample map and generate a matching MIDI file to play them back in rhythm. That gives you the flexibility of reordering and otherwise munging the slices. Kontakt 2 introduces a new drag-and-drop architecture for managing effects and modulators. The browser's Modules tab has Effects, Filters, and Modulators sections — each of which has subsections for displaying modules and, optionally, a description of their operation see Fig.

The Module Browser allows effects and modulators to be dragged to the instrument rack. Here a breakpoint envelope has been dragged to modulate the instrument''s pan position. A variety of envelope generators and LFOs, as well as a modulation step sequencer, an envelope follower, a glide portamento control, and MIDI-message-routing modules, are available. As in previous versions of Kontakt, you can assign any modulator to any control using modulation drop-down menus. But Kontakt 2 allows you to drag the modulator from the browser to the desired control, after which it inserts the modulator's control panel at the bottom of the rack and inserts a modulation router below the targeted control.

Additionally, MIDI Control Change messages and, when Kontakt 2 is running as a plug-in, host-automation messages can be assigned to Group controls by dragging from the browser's Auto tab.

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Assignments made this way differ in two ways from the MIDI-message modules just described: Kontakt 2 has the standard array of compression, distortion, and delay effects. Beyond those, there is a high-end convolution reverb with MB of impulse-response samples and a sophisticated surround panner that can be used with output configurations ranging from 1. A separate Filters subsection contains 18 filter types. Kontakt 2's filters are divided among four categories. Sampler Filters are an assortment of 1-, 2-, 4-, and 6-pole lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch filters.

The Synth Filters section contains emulations of the classic Prophet 5 and Moog Ladder filters and a multimode filter containing three 2-pole elements that can be freely mixed. An allpass filter for phasing effects and two formant filters make up the Effect Filter section. In the EQ section, 1-, 2-, and 3-band parametric filters round out the complement. Filters and effects can be inserted at three locations in individual Kontakt 2 instruments: There are eight slots of each type, and each Group has its own complement of eight slots.

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Group Insert effects affect only the samples assigned to the group, which allows you great variety in processing an instrument's samples. For example, you can easily apply different compression and EQ to different Velocity layers. Effects and filters can also be inserted in the output and auxiliary channels in the output mixer. Effects and filters are inserted in instruments by dragging them from the browser to the desired slot. Their controls then become accessible from the slot's Edit tab. Each effect and filter has its own preset menu, and there are global preset menus for instantly recalling effects chains for each slot type.

Effects are inserted in the output mixer using drop-down menus. The Script Processor allows as many as five scripts to be run in series. The factory drum-sequencer script is shown here. Kontakt 2's Script Processor is one its most powerful new features see Fig. In short, it runs MIDI-processing scripts and comes with an editor for creating them. How to move Kontakt Player 2 sound libraries to another location. How do you rate this document? Searching criteria. Document Audience. Media Composer First Common Issues. PMR Rescanning.

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